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Will Ryman

WRY032_Untitled(Rose 45).jpg

Will Ryman (New York, 1969) began as a playwright, and, despite being known mainly for his sculptures and installations in public spaces, his interest in literature, philosophy and theatre has never ceased. This is evident in his theoretical approach and in the search for meaning. These questions are the engine of his creations.

His best-known pieces are large-scale and inspired by Pop themes. They often show a sarcastic and humorous tone in relation to city life and capitalism. His large-scale pieces of natural elements installed in public places are also widely known.

Ryman confronts the constant search for perfection, or the intention to improve reality, which is hightened through the digital and the technological. He shows a special interest in the supposed imperfection and ugliness that tangible reality and human manipulation intersect with.

Will Ryman has exhibited his works in places such as Parque de La Villette in Paris, the Flatiron Plaza in New York, The Phillips Collection in Washington, New York's Park Avenue, and MoMa in New York. His work is part of collections such as The New Orleans Museum of Art, The Saatchi Gallery in London, and The Margulies Collection in Miami, among others.

Untitled (Rose 45) 2009
Steel, epoxy resin, aluminum mesh, plaster and paint

45 x 50 x 43 inches

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