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Brian Donnelly (born 1974), mostly known as KAWS, is a Brooklyn-based artist and designer of limited-edition clothing and toys.

KAWS follows the path Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat began in the 1980s by understanding that the artist could have a commercial profile, and that urban art also had a place in artistic institutions such as museums, galleries, and auction houses. KAWS also began making street art until advertising agencies noticed his urban interventions and began hiring him. Brands and products of all kinds have influenced in him and his style.

Despite beginning his career in advertising and product design, KAWS has always been part of the art world, creating his iconic paintings and sculptures. To realize his works, he uses various materials such as wood, aluminum, fiberglass, and even an inflatable raft with steel pontoon of 37 meters long.

KAWS' work has captured the attention of collectors, art dealers, auction houses and museums around the world for his sophisticated and mischievous sense of humor. He has had solo exhibitions at museums such as the Brooklyn Museum in New York, the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art, the  High Museum of Art and Modern Art Museum in Atlanta, and the Yuz Museum in Shanghai. His work is also part of collections such as the High Museum of Art, the Modern Art Museum, and the Rosenblum Collection, Paris.

In August 2015 at his foundation, La Nave Salinas in Ibiza, Lio Malca hosted a public exhibition showcasing part of his private collection of the iconic contemporary artist KAWS (

Companion: Resting Place, 2013

Painted cast vinyl

9 x 12 inches

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