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Holton Rower 


Holton Rower (New York, 1962) is an artist who works and lives in New York. He is known for his paintings made with the "pour painting" technique. This technique allows him to create kaleidoscopic images that result from paint manipulation and chance.

Holton's works are aesthetically close to the psychedelia of the 1960s within their tones and flat colors. Rower uses large amounts of paint in striking colors that he pours into surfaces placed on the ground, letting gravity guide the process. This is why his technique has also been called "tall painting".

Rower's pieces are reminiscent of synesthesia and are influenced by the works of other abstract artists such as Kandinsky. Pure color generates vibrant emotional effects, and the idea of repetition underscores a hypnotic compositive rhythm. His works are beautiful within the process of creation, but above all they are beautiful for the aesthetic experience he offers to the viewer. 

Holton Rower has exhibited in New York galleries and internationally in galleries as relevant as the Galerie Maeght de Paris, the Galerie 6 of Aarau in Switzerland, the Galería Studio Fuentes in Madrid, and the Kunsthaus Zurich, to name a few.

Hold My Calls, 2011
Acrylic on plywood
89 x 92 x 12 inches 

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