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Peng Hung-Chih


Peng Hung-Chih (Taiwan, 1969) is a multidisciplinary artist that works in video, performance, painting, installation, and sculpture. The themes of his works address his concern for the environment, spirituality, religion, and politics.


In Peng Hung-Chih's work, the figure of the dog has a primordial role. It combines multiple meanings and creates a network of ambivalence between human beings and animals. The dog is often a mechanism through which to analyze the world from an outside point of view, which allows the viewer to change his or her perspective. The desire to be able to look at our traditions, customs and ways of life from a new vantage point is something Hung-Chi has manifested in his work. These games and the sense of humor found in his works make them accessible to a wide audience.


Hung-Chih has participated in many major exhibitions, festivals and biennials around the world as Shanghai How Museum, White Rabbit Gallery in Sydney, the Daejeon Museum of Art, the Busan Biennial, the Canberra Museum and Gallery, the Taipei Biennial, the Minsheng Art Museum of Changning, the Gwangju Museum of Art, the Musée Guimet in Paris, and the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo, among others. 

Excerpts from the Bhagavad Gita 2007
Single Channel HD Video

11 m 34 s

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