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Marion Peck


Marion Peck (born 1963) is an American artist recognized for being part of the Pop Surrealism and Lowbrow Art movements, which emerged in Los Angeles in the early 1980s. Her husband Mark Ryden is also a part of these movements.


Marion Peck's paintings are defined as bizarre and grotesque, and her characters look fresh out of a Lewis Carroll book. Despite the contemporaneity and fantasy of her depictions, Peck has a deep mastery of the pictorial technique typical of the of Renaissance or Baroque masters.


Peck builds a universe that reflects part of the entertainment industry and subverts the idyllic cartoon world through her use of characters meant to demonstrate fragility, anxiety, and even fear. Their disproportionate and almost monstrous bodies generate unusual and eccentric images that provoke an emotional response in the viewer.


Marion Peck has exhibited in museums and galleries around the world such as the Bristol City Museum, the Musée de la Halle St Pierre in Paris, the Galleria d'Arte Moderna del Palazzo Collicola in Spoleto, the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Museo D'Arte Contemporanea in Rome, to name a few.

Sleepwalk, 2009
Oil on canvas

24 x 30 inches

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