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Keith Haring


Keith Haring (1958-1990, USA) is an icon of graffiti, pop and urban culture of the 80’s in New York. Alongside other artists such as Jean-Michel Basquiat, he brought the style of the so-called "Street art" to the galleries and museums, allowing its access to the art market.


Haring's work is politically and socially concerned, as seen within his intervention on the Berlin Wall and his professional and personal involvement in the fight against AIDS. His drawings have become internationally recognized iconic symbols and are based on basic and formal simple lines that demonstrate an interest in transmitting direct and universal messages.


Haring embraced a current of creation that combined fashion, art and music, as he broke down barriers between those categories and left a legacy of followers, who have made him one of today's most influential and sought-after artists.


Today, the Keith Haring Foundation continues to ensure Haring’s artistic legacy and dissemination. The Keith Haring Foundation also maintains his commitment to the fight against AIDS, a disease for which the artist left us in 1990.


In 2017, La Nave Salinas in Ibiza, a foundation created and led by Lio Malca, dedicated a public exhibition of four works by Keith Haring. The works honored the prolific North American artist and gave the island of Ibiza a unique opportunity to see Haring’s work in person (

Untitled (June 10, 1984)

Acrylic on canvas

94 x 188 inches

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