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Vik Muniz   Joga Bonito

May 2018 - February 2019


Lio Malca presents the exhibition Joga Bonito (Play Beautifully) featuring The Chocolate Soccer Player Series by renowned artist Vik Muniz. 

Joga Bonito is a popular Portuguese term that means play beautifully, which Brazilians use to reference about the game of soccer. Born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Vik Muniz depicted these players with a unique approach. Instead of using traditional materials, he produced these portraits with a creative twist: chocolate. These works were made in 2004 to celebrate FIFA’s 100th anniversary. Muniz is known in the art world for his creative appropriation and using unexpected mediums like dust, wire, thread, and chocolate that make his viewers take a second glance.

My first motivation in making art is this negotiation with the viewer about the way we perceive the visual world. It is as if I do not trust my own eyes and have to see it through someone else’s. -Muniz


Vik Muniz Bio.

Roberto Carlos 2004

Digital C Print

58 x 50 inches

Di Stefano 2004

Digital C Print

46.6 x 59 inches

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