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Ariel Orozco


Ariel Orozco (Sancti Spiritus, 1979) is a Cuban artist living in Mexico City, who works with photographs, intervened objects, drawings, installations and performance.


Ariel Orozco, a member of  youngest generations of Cuban artists who have been placed in the landscape of contemporary art on an international scale, has already opened exhibitions all over the world.


Orozco is an observer of daily life. He is interested in assessing not only what happens in our lives and our imagination, but also wants to reflect on what arises from the complex system of human interactions between individuals and their political and social context.


In his earlier days, Orozco's work was focused on biographical accidents that transformed pain into art. Later he approached the poetic, the complicity that exists between art, poetry, and life, while also recognizing the influence of philosophy and spiritual literature.


Ariel Orozco has exhibited his work in galleries around the world and his art is part of important collections such as the Museo de Arte Moderno in Mexico City, the Tony Shafrazi Collection in New York, and the Servais Family Collection in Brussels.

Tongue 2016
Bell Clapper
31.5 inches high 

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