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Rafa Macarrón


Rafa Macarrón (Madrid, January 1, 1981) self-taught artist and ex-cyclist.

Macarrón is obsessed with the solitude of man standing before the expanse of the universe. In his paintings, he creates unique characters that claim the lead role in each of his works. His characters embody both the universal and the specific. He paints everyday situations that are taken out of context and altered by the beings he creates, which are abstracted yet exude tenderness and kindness. 


Macarrón’s works often play between two and three-dimensional spaces, as he adds architectural elements and plays with volume.


Macarrón is a benchmark for painting in our time. He is Influenced by the comic, the Spanish painting of the 50s and 60s, the work of Fraile, Matta, and Quirós. As the winner of the first BMW painting prize in 2011, his work has been shown in various countries and he has participated in numerous fairs such as Context Art Miami, ARCOmadrid, Zona Maco, ArtBo, Art Miami and Art Moscow.

Untitled , 2021
Mixed media on canvas

72 x 88 inches

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