This is the third time Megaplex, an extraordinary visual experience, is shown to the public. Previously at

the Basel-based Fondation Beyeler and the Venice Film Festival. The trilogy (Civilzation 2008, Evolution

2010, Creation 2012) projected in 3D is groundbreaking in its use of sampling which results in a cinematic

form of collage.


Inspired by the detailed imagery of old master painters such as Pieter Breughel and Hyeronimus Bosch,

Megaplex tests the limits of visual overload and confounds the temporal parameters of our grasp of the

moving image. Challenging our notions of modern-day cinema and contemporary pop culture, Brambilla's

oeuvre is an enveloping sensory experience.


“At La Nave, I want to showcase a broad range of art and create dynamic installations around the works. I

felt the local people in Ibiza, as well as the visitors to the island, are ready for this type of cultural experience.

Marco Brambilla has pioneered the use of 3D technology in video art and his work brings a certain

shock and wonder” said Malca “My vision is to create an exhibition space that aims to not only be a celebration

of the artwork it will showcase, but also to celebrate the island of Ibiza itself,” said Malca.

The summer exhibition of Marco Brambilla’s Megaplex at La Nave Salinas coincides with Brambilla’s new

video art installation during the Berlin Biennale.


June 23 - End of summer 2016

Tuesday - Sunday // 2pm - 9pm

3D Viewing of ‘Megalplex’

Approximately every 30 minutes


LA NAVE IBIZA LOCATION: Carrer la Canal 2 12-13

07830 Sant Josep de Sa Talaia

Balearic Islands / Spain