Allison Zuckerman

AZU001_The Assembly_HR.jpg

Allison Zuckerman is an American contemporary artist and painter and one of the most exciting young artists working today. Her works take historical paintings and internet culture as their point of departure, utilising both paint and digitally manipulated images to create acerbic, hybrid portraits brimming with cultural and societal critique. These colourful pop collages are created from fragments of Zuckerman’s old work, imagery of iconic paintings printed onto canvas, and overlaid paint pigments. Her source material ranges from Old Master portraits to emojis, but Zuckerman’s accomplished knowledge of art history and popular culture is deployed with sly ambiguity, alternating between reverence and shrewd criticism.


Shortly after getting her MFA at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2015, Zuckerman was discovered on Instagram and invited to exhibit at Kravets Wehby Gallery. Her work attracted the interest of the influential art patrons Don and Mera Rubell, who purchased 22 pieces directly from her and offered her a residency at their family foundation, following in the footsteps of highly successful contemporary artists. 

The Assembly,  2017

Acrylic and archival CMYK ink on canvas

96x120 inches